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Buying a property that is rented out, part 1

Last time I wrote about what sellers should be aware of, so now it is the buyer's turn. Buying with a renter on a lease If the tenant has a lease in place when you buy, here are the rules: The tenant’s lease has to be honoured. You can buy it before the end of the lease, but as ...

Posted by Cheri Wednesday Jun 01, 2011 14:06
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Selling with a tenant, part 2

This week I'm continuing on with the topic of what a BC landlord can and can’t do if they are selling a property which is tenanted. In my previous blog I covered things to consider if your tenant has a lease, today I'll move on to the situation if your contract with the tenant is on a ...

Posted by Cheri Tuesday May 17, 2011 11:20
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Selling with a tenant, part 1

 There seems to be a lot of confusion around the topic of what a landlord can and can’t do if they are selling a property which is tenanted. As there are many facets to this, I'll cover it in two blogs. Just because you are selling does not mean you can ask them to leave. They have ...

Posted by Cheri Monday May 02, 2011 10:30
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Time to Move

I’ve known this particular lady for about 15 years now. She was referred to me (back in my financial planning days) after her husband passed away. We have stayed connected and now the time has come for her to move from the house and into a retirement community. The upkeep of house and yard ...

Posted by Cheri Thursday Apr 21, 2011 09:07
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A Year of Change

 I had a friend that I grew up with. She was a couple of years older than I and on the evening of her first birthday she got a baby brother as a present. From her second birthday on it was always a shared birthday…something that kept them close through the years…that is until ...

Posted by Cheri Saturday Apr 09, 2011 14:27
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The Best Laid Plans

I’m a planner by nature and while I was in the business of financial planning, I met a couple who were meticulous in organizing everything in their lives and wonderful with their finances as a result. However, sometimes life throws you a curve ball that no amount of planning can prepare ...

Posted by Cheri Monday Apr 04, 2011 16:21
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St Patrick’s Day

I remember St Patrick’s Day 43 years ago (I was 7) when I came home from school at lunch time to find out I had a new nephew. I would get to go have a peek at him after school through the nursery window. I was very excited. I can remember looking though the glass at him. When his mom and ...

Posted by Cheri Monday Mar 21, 2011 09:41
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On buying property

Have you ever walked into a condo or house that you saw advertised on the computer and thought it didn’t look the same? Sometimes it looks better than the pictures but lots of times it looks worse—pictures can be deceiving. The light can be different, the angles, etc. You really ...

Posted by Cheri Tuesday Mar 15, 2011 13:10
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What is stopping you?

Time has flown by and writing a blog each week has proven more challenging then I ever thought it would be. Don’t I always have something to say? Why is it so hard to sit and write it down? I’ve likely written 10 in my head over the past 2 weeks—what is going on? It’s ...

Posted by Cheri Monday Mar 07, 2011 09:00
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You are not alone

In the last two weeks I have done two presentations called “To Move or Not to Move”. They are designed for seniors who are starting to think about moving from their home to a retirement community, or downsizing to a condo. We have had good response to these sessions. I say ...

Posted by Cheri Monday Jan 24, 2011 15:27
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