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The Waiting Game

Waiting for a baby to come tries one’s patience. I consider myself a patient person usually, but waiting for my third grandson to make his appearance in this world has thrown me off my game and turned me into an anxious, impatient creature I am not familiar with. I would think that this being their first baby, the new parents-to-be would be the anxious ones but alas, I think I am losing more sleep waiting for my phone to ring than they are. I keep thinking, “any moment now I will get the call.” How long can this take?

So what does this have to do with real estate? Well, sellers of houses experience a similar thing. Once their house is on the market these calm, ordinary people enter The Waiting Zone. There is little one can do other than keep the house clean, and wait. Waiting for showings. Waiting for feedback from showings. Waiting for an offer. Waiting for the counter offer.

It seems to me that the waiting game is about control, or the lack of it. Sellers work hard to get their homes ready for sale, and then it is out of their control and there is nothing more to do but wait. One day can seem like a week when you are waiting. It feels like being in limbo, wanting to move forward but being pulled back at the same time. It becomes hard to think of anything else other than when the offer will come. Focus is tough as sellers try to distract themselves to make the time go faster.

Finally after waiting for ages…. the call comes and you have an offer…. excitement abounds and all is great. You negotiate hard and come to an accepted offer…. life is good. Then it hits! The worst part of the entire process involves waiting yet again. This time for subjects (conditions) to be removed! Will they get financing? Wait. Wait. Will the inspection go okay? Wait. Pace. Wait. Will they back out? Pace. Pace. Wait. Wait. If you thought the waiting game was bad before, this is the worst! Everything is on the line and it’s out of your control. Have we sold? Haven’t we sold? Can we start to pack or not? So how can you handle the wait better?
  • Manage your expectations—be realistic about how long things are taking to sell in your area.
  • Are you priced right? Pricing is the hardest thing. Are you priced to sell quickly? Are you priced ahead of the market or following it down? Are you just wondering how much you can get for your home? These questions will determine how you price your house and impact how long it takes to sell.
  • Consider planning a holiday or getaway so you aren’t just waiting. If you aren’t home, you don’t have to keep cleaning the house. In today’s world of technology you can be reached and deal with the paperwork of an offer remotely. Just don’t travel off the grid where you don’t have access to a fax machine or scanner.
The secret to managing the stress of the waiting game is to distract yourself. Find something else to do. Find something else to focus on.

Write a blog! And when you do find something to distract yourself with, makes sure it lasts awhile. Writing a blog ends too quickly. Come on, baby!

Posted by Cheri Thursday May 03, 2012 22:39
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