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32 Years Went Where?

I do know that time seems to be flying by faster each year, but the thing that drives that fact home the hardest is when my kids have a birthday!  When I look back at my life it just doesn’t seem possible that it is 32 years ago today that I had my first child.  I remember it so clearly and vividly.  Without any effort, I recall the hospital room, the clock on the wall, wondering if my baby would be born on Sept 3rd or 4th.  I comment to my baby’s father that “I don’t think I can do this”—to which he snickers, “it’s a little late for that”. 

Seeing that precious little bundle for the first time, just seems like yesterday. Who knew your heart could feel so much love at that moment? Can it really be 32 years?  Who is this grown man I communicate with now? This man who is now married, seems so responsible, and has a life of his own.  He is grown after all, now wears glasses, has some gray hair and even a bit of a receding hair line.  How could this be!?  I haven’t aged at all! Where is my baby boy?

The time we get to spend together is special and I always look for those fleeting moments when I catch a glimpse of that baby boy within this grown man.  It might just be a giggle at something he finds funny, or a facial expression I know so well. Sometimes even his familiar, frustrated scowl can warm my heart and make me feel like I am still a young woman with a baby boy.

Does this have anything to do with real estate?  Only that time does go by so quickly for homeowners too. When you buy that first home, you might think the 25 year mortgage is an eternity and it will never be paid off. Trust me, though, there will come a day when you look back and think of your first home purchase like it was yesterday. You will have accumulated a precious load of memories over those years and the thoughts of them can make you feel young again too.

Perhaps you’ll remember this idea the next time you’re house hunting and inside one of the bedroom doors are some marks on the wall indicating how someone young got taller and older.

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