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Haunted Houses

The ghosts and goblins have been out in full force this past weekend with many a Halloween party. It’s dark and spooky out, and easy to be startled by some unknown sound. And then there are those old neighbourhood houses. There are rumours, "Is it really haunted?"  Maybe it’s a house that is a bit tired and only looks dark and foreboding, but when the sun shines the monsters flee.

If you're thinking of selling, ask yourself the question: does your house look a bit haunted? I don’t mean with ghosts and goblins. Maybe it is just a bit tired or the yard is overgrown, so no light can get in the windows. There may even be some big cobwebs in some corners!

There are many simple, inexpensive things that can be done to brighten up a house, attracting potential buyers and scaring away ghosts, goblins and such other monsters that may be lurking in the darkness and .

Here are some tips for you, especially if you are thinking of selling your home soon:

1. Wash murky windows inside and out.
2. Mend or fix your eerily squeaky fences or gates.
3. Sweep your sidewalks.
4. Rake your blowing leaves.
5. Trim back your scary trees and shrubs to let in more light.
6. Install lighting along pathways and above darkened porches.
7. Power wash your deck or patio.
8. Remove dead, hanging baskets.
9. Remove cobwebs from stair railings and porch corners.
10. Fix those squeaky steps and floorboards.

Now, remember. If you do all these things, and fix those front steps, you may not hear those young ghosts and goblins coming to the door, until they knock and say “Trick or Treat!”....

Have a Happy and Safe Halloween!

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