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Young Eyes

As a child I used to get soooo excited and Christmas couldn't come fast
enough. Now, as an adult, they come too fast, with extra work, shopping,
money to spend. Didn't we just have Christmas?

This is where I am thankful for grandchildren. They help me view things
through their young eyes again. In seeing their wonder and awe, my concerns
about lineups, shopping, and consumerism diminish.

Sometimes when seeing a house we can lose our "young eyes" too. We see a
house through tired eyes, or critical eyes, or cautious eyes. By contrast, young
fresh eyes can see potential despite the problems. The automatic reaction tends
to excitement. Young eyes aren't tinted or tainted by caution, fear, or the past.

And so we wish you a New 2014 Year seen through your young eyes, and may
you connect with the spirit of the season at its best. Perhaps a visit from the
ghost of your best, past Christmas will come calling, bringing wonder and awe
to you again

Posted by Administrator Monday Dec 23, 2013 09:35
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