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     Golfers are incredibly effective. They routinely reach their targets 18 times in a row, regardless of their skill level or experience. When they get into trouble, golfers automatically refocus on the flag and get right back on course. So if you want to be more effective, like a golfer, set a tee time to start reading "18 Holes To Your Goals".
     Rick Hoogendoorn's second book has been written as a fundraiser for the Family Caregivers' Network. It is a tool to help raise awareness for the organization, and to help raise funds for their annual charity golf tournament in Victoria, BC. Buying this book is one way you can help yourself be more effective in the pursuit of your dreams and, at the same time, support a great cause.
     Family caregivers are the backbone of our healthcare system, and your support in purchasing "18 Holes To Your Goals" will help us help them even more. In Victoria, call Rick Hoogendoorn, or click on the book below and purchase your copy online direct from the Family Caregivers' Network.

     For more information about the Family Caregivers' Network golf tournament, and how you can support the cause, or just play golf with us, please click here.

     For several decades Rick produced a series of unfinished book projects. In particular, he struggled to write "18 Holes to Retirement", a book he had conceptualized many years before. Finally, in 2009, his frustration with himself led to a realization of what was stopping him, and within a few days he had written the rough draft of his first book "What Is Stopping You?".
     "What Is Stopping You?" outlines an extremely simple method for identifying hidden beliefs that prevent us from doing what we want. It also summarizes The Work of Byron Katie, which is a method of personal inquiry that can be used to dissolve limiting beliefs. If you are frustrated, stuck, or spinning your wheels in any area of your life, call Rick for your copy of "What Is Stopping You?". Or, if you are out of town, click on the link (book picture) and purchase your copy online.
     "What Is Stopping You?" has become a local classic in Victoria, helping business people, real estate investors, the unemployed, and many others. Discover what beliefs have been hidden in your blindspot, so you can stop beating yourself up and start experiencing the simple progress you've always wanted.

     If you are in need of a speaker, contact Rick. He can customize his message to suit the needs of your organization.
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